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Once you have purchased your Webroot product, the next step is to deploy it properly. Setup usually involves Downloading and Installing the Setup File. Thereafter, Activate your purchased Subscription License. Besides that, you will also need a User Account for managing your Subscription. However, this can appear a lot for some users. For this reason, the entire process has been simplified for your convenience on account of “webroot.com/safe”. This online webpage gives you a quick and reliable platform to get access to your purchased Webroot Subscription.  


What To Do At “webroot.com/safe”?

At “webroot.com/safe”, you can Activate your Subscription, Setup User Account and Download the required Setup File for Installation. In short, it takes care of the entire Setup procedure with some quick and easy to follow steps. Once you finish the procedure at  “webroot.com/safe”, all you have to do is Install it on your Device and experience its unrelenting protection cover.  

Before you could Install Webroot’s outstanding Security Guard, follow the given steps properly for flawless Setup.  

Activate And Setup Account

  1. Make sure you have access to the Computer that you want to secure in the very first place. It must be connected to a secure, high-speed Internet Connection. Above all, it must fulfill the System Requirements specified on its official website. You can check the same here. 
  2. Apart from that, ensure that your system doesn’t have any previously installed Webroot product. 
  3. Now, open a Browser window on this computer. To name a few, you can launch Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Mozilla etc.
  4. Using “webroot.com/safe” as the URL, get access to the official webpage for Activating your Webroot Product. 
  5. Wait for the web page to load completely.
  6. At “webroot.com/safe”, you will get a welcome note for selecting Webroot as your choice of Online Protection. 
  7. Besides that, it guides you through the process of setting it up on your system.
  8. To begin with, accurately provide the “Webroot Product Activation Key”. It is the same 20-digit reference code comprising alphanumeric characters that you get after your purchase. However, its location will vary according to your purchase channel. In case of online purchase, check your “Purchase Confirmation Email”. Alternatively, locate it on the “Retail Card” or “Installation Pack”. 
  9. Along with that, you must type in any active Email Address that is accessible. Henceforth, it will act as your Username for accessing this account established at “webroot.com/safe”.
  10. Click “Next” and move ahead with the activation process. 
  11. On the following window, establish your User Account which will give you access to Webroot’s Management Portal. For this reason, make sure that you enter the required “Profile Information” with utmost accuracy. This includes the details listed below below.
    • Password:
    • Repeat Password:
    • Personal Security Code:
    • Security Question:
    • Security Answer:
  12. Click “Next” after entering all the details correctly.
  13. As a consequence, you will get a “Confirmation Email” on the Address provided as your Username. Hence, get access to the same and open its inbox.
  14. Now, identify the required Email and open it.
  15. Here, you will find a “Verification Link”. Click on this link and complete the Email Verification process. 

Download The Setup File

Once your account is established and linked to your purchased Subscription, you can proceed further. In other words, you can download the latest version of the Setup File as per your purchased License. For this, you will have to access your Account which contains the dedicated Download Link.

➥ Get Access To Your Account

  1. Launch Internet Browser.
  2. Open “webroot.com”.
  3. Click “My Account” located at the very top black band.
  4. Select the “Log In” tab.
  5. Provide the Email Address that you used to setup your Account at “webroot.com/safe”.
  6. Type in the “Password” meant for this Account correctly. 
  7. Click on the highlighted “Log In” button.
  8. As such, you will get access to this complimentary Management Hub. 

Download Webroot

  1. On your Account portal, go to “My Subscriptions”.
  2. Locate the purchased product to get the “Download” button.
  3. Click on it and wait while the Setup File downloads on your system. 
  4. Meanwhile, if prompted by the Download Location window. Then, specify a particular location. For this, click “Save” or “Save As” according to the option listed by your Browser. Then, click “Browse” and select a location on your system.  

This brings us to the end of the procedure at “webroot.com/safe”. However, there is one more step that will lead you to Webroot’s best-in-breed safeguard. In other words, get the software installed on your system. For this, open the Setup File and launch Installer. This user-friendly interface will assist you in completing the Setup procedure without any hassle.